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Latest Testimonials

"As a critically ill patient, I spent 3 months in hospital, of which 7 weeks was in ITU and was in an induced coma for 2 weeks. 


My recollection of Sam is when I had my intubation removed, she was so cheerful and upbeat and to me she instantly became my friend.  After being isolated for so long it was so lovely to see someone so relaxed!  She needed to examine me due to the length of time I was intubated  and decide if there was a muscle weakness in my trachea. My family found her to be very personable and honest and she kept them informed at every stage.  I needed to be weaned back on to food but it had to be the right time or else complications could have set in.  I remember Sam coming into my ITU room and had a little tray of various foods a piece of banana, bread, cheese and yogurt!

She listened with her stethoscope to see all was in order. 


Sam also dealt with my speech and fortunately I didn't require any therapy but her kind nature and understanding helped me regain my voice.


Myself and my family will be forever grateful to Sam for her clinical expertise, professionalism  and bedside manner in dealing with me at such a critical and anxious time".


Mrs. Cox, London (July 2013)

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