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Sam Bowman (Condie), Founder and Lead Therapist
RCSLT Giving Voice Award Winner. B.Sc., MRCSLT, MASLTIP

About Sam:

  • Her work during the pandemic has recently been recognised by an RCSLT Giving Voice Award

  • Specialist in complex brain injury and communication and swallowing difficulties of varying diagnoses including head injury, hypoxic brain injury, brain aneurysm, stroke, spinal injuries, Huntington’s disease, cerebral palsy, brain tumour, prolonged disorders of consciousness, locked-in syndrome, dementia and mental health.

  • Pioneer and advocate of Telehealth services and founder of The Communication Cafe

  • Expertise in working on complex legal and insurance claims often caused by injury.

  • Regularly sets up and runs dysphagia services for hospitals and other healthcare establishments.

  • Training of support and care workers, as well as large teams to support the complex speech and swallowing needs of people

  • Advanced clinical skills in tracheostomy.

  • Media spokesperson and speaker at industry events.



​​Graduated from UCL in 2000 with a B.Sc. in Speech Sciences. Sam established Talkabout in 2012 and has extensive experience of a wide variety of communication and swallowing disorders.


Sam is committed to providing people with the skills and choices they need to feel empowered to achieve their goals, whilst also providing the high level of support and care they and their friends and family need.

Sam cares strongly about developing the next generation of therapists working closely with universities and the RCLST as well as trainees and graduates directly.

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